Quarterly Challenge

2nd Annual White Elephant Brews

(March 2022 Quarterly Challenge)

Congrats to our White Elephant challenge winners:

All the participants brought it and it was an extremely impressive group of entries!

Next challenge for June will be a Sunset challenge. More details to come soon.

LFC Quarterly Challenge Archive

December 2022 Old 121 Brewhouse Scale Up Stout Challenge Results

1st Place: RP Chocolate Stout, Chuck W.

2nd Place: RP Chocolate Stout with Coffee, Chuck W.

3rd Place: Box of Chocolates, Terry F.

Thanks to all who participated and congrats to the winners!

September 2022 Oats Challenge Results

1st Place: Sara Smile, Steve A.

2nd Place: Muy Buena Cerveza de Avena, Josh & Deidre

3rd Place: Oatmeal Brown, Buzz J.

June 2022 Clone Wars Challenge Results

1st Place: Locomotive Breath (Anchor Steam Clone), Steve E. & Nic Y.

2nd Place: Epic Los Locos Clone, Jesse M.

3rd Place: King of all the Fairies (Bells Oberon Clone), Chuck W.