December 2023 Quarterly Challenge

5th Anniversary Scale Up! Entries are for a hop forward beer. The winner of the December quarterly will win a scale up of their recipe at Old121, where the beer is served for their 5th anniversary party in March.


To fit the 5 year theme, you can use up to 5 hops (less than 5 hops is okay too). Use as many ounces as you wish for the hop forward style you chose.


As an added benefit, Old121 hops will supply up to 5 oz of hops for free if you so choose (they have Idaho 7, Mosaic, El Dorado, Sabro, and Azacca). Just ask Sam at our September, October, or November meetings (or email him at for hops). 


To enter:


We can't wait for the meeting and results, hope to C'ya all there!


PS. If you would like to use it, a bottle label link is available, click here (download, save, and print for manual entry).

LFC Quarterly Challenge Archive

Sept 2023 Quarterly 

Food Pairing

Formal Judging:

At the meeting:

June 2023 Quarterly 

Sunset Theme

1st Place: Campfire S'mores (Stout), George and Andy Behr

2nd Place: Surfer Girl (American Blonde), Terry F.

3rd Place: Red Rye Rye (American IPA), Eric H.

March 2023 2nd Annual White Elephant Results

1st Place: Smokey Vienna Lager, Mic H.

2nd Place: The Red Rocker, American Amber, Terry F.

3rd Place: Lemon Drop Lavender Mead, Hydromel Mead, Will B.

December 2022 Old 121 Brewhouse Scale Up Stout Challenge Results

1st Place: RP Chocolate Stout, Chuck W.

2nd Place: RP Chocolate Stout with Coffee, Chuck W.

3rd Place: Box of Chocolates, Terry F.

Thanks to all who participated and congrats to the winners!

September 2022 Oats Challenge Results

1st Place: Sara Smile, Steve A.

2nd Place: Muy Buena Cerveza de Avena, Josh & Deidre

3rd Place: Oatmeal Brown, Buzz J.

June 2022 Clone Wars Challenge Results

1st Place: Locomotive Breath (Anchor Steam Clone), Steve E. & Nic Y.

2nd Place: Epic Los Locos Clone, Jesse M.

3rd Place: King of all the Fairies (Bells Oberon Clone), Chuck W.